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SETTING: house of three
(2) Daughters with a debt for their
(2) Mothers to collect
so, each toe the line

O, when I go home,
I’m not there
because some time away
still won’t repair
wounds that we didn’t make, but open

Restlessness becomes
a weapon that hides under my tongue,
but by the skin of my teeth

Pity is a demon,
coursing through the night
every time the door locks thrice

Mothers will expect that their
Daughters won’t forget
what they’ve sacrificed

Leave as a villain or stay behind
to howl as a victim who’s “renounced”
their pride in order to nurture

“What I couldn’t do / won’t happen to you”

CLUE: every battle that presents itself
as new fits on a parallel between
another child and their tender

Selflessness becomes
a lock and chain that keep her from
chasing a fantasy

“Save her! She’s just a baby!”
Crawling on all fours,
eventually, she’ll reach the door


from Beyond the Fleeting Gales, released October 14, 2016



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Crying New York, New York

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