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How well could I save the sight of her blue hand, curling in the water?

What started as business forks off into a

Curious request: “Would you pass the salt?”

I’m a gamble with fire
and I’m a burning liar
above all, to myself
My loyalty is a hell

Even when you think you know, you are still becoming, Orlando!
With a change of plot, please be patient with your heart

How much longer will I have to spend sailing forward till we meet again?

Blowing in a circle, I forget movement

“I adore you.” // “Look, it’s beginning to rain.”

Take me back to the smoke,
back to the mighty oak,
to that spot in the woods
I thought I understood
All alone, to myself,
my loyalty is a hell

I wish I had a little more time? The current moves me forth, but I still look behind


from Beyond the Fleeting Gales, released October 14, 2016



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Crying New York, New York

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